Adobe InDesign: Advanced

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This class provides the InDesign user the ability to hone their skills and move their knowledge of Adobe InDesign to an advanced level. Using the skills learned in the Level I class, students will create complex documents and work with a variety of palettes and tools to further understand the capabilities of this high-end design application. We also recommend this course for those planning to obtain the Adobe Certified Expert status.


  • Advanced Zooming and Navigation
  • Dragging Items Between Documents
  • Third-Party plug-ins
  • Master Page Tips and Tricks
  • Using Libraries
  • File Formats
  • Text Gradients
  • Hyphenation and Justification
  • Tracking and Kerning
  • Mastering the Pen Tool
  • Compound Paths
  • Using Pathfinder to Create Complex Shapes
  • Clipping Masks
  • Inline Graphics
  • Creating Type Outlines
  • Text Wrap Options
  • Using Transparency
  • Adding Excel or Word Tables
  • Import Text Options
  • Import Graphic Options
  • PDF Styles
  • Export Options
  • Creating Books
  • Adding Indexes
  • Using Table of Contents
  • Numbering & Section Options
  • Cross-references
  • Exporting & Printing Books
  • Starting from a Word Document
  • Converting Structure to Form Fields
  • Adding New Form Fields
  • Security and Digital Signatures
  • Distributing Forms in Acrobat
  • Tracking Responses to PDF Forms
  • Adding Links
  • Simple Navigation with Buttons
  • Adding Media
  • Advanced Actions for Buttons
  • Hide and Show Content with Buttons
  • Differences Between PDFs, eBooks, & Apps
  • Fixed vs Flowable Content
  • Setting Up the Structure to Export Correctly
  • Articles and Images
  • Publishing Tips & Tricks
  • What is XML?
  • Adding Structure with XML
  • Exporting to XML
  • Mapping Styles to Tags
  • Tips for Working with XML
  • Libraries for Efficient XML Production
  • Using Printer Styles
  • Color Separations
  • Understanding the Print Menu
  • Preflight: Basic and Custom Profiles
  • Packaging for the Offset Press


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