After Effects Plugins: Red Giant Trapcode Particular Intro



Red Giant Trapcode Particular—an industry-standard particle generator—is one of the most important plugins for Adobe After Effects and part of the larger Trapcode Suite of tools. In this course, participants will learn how to create a basic emitter and particle systems. They will also examine different kinds of emitters and particle attributes; discover how to create custom particles and multiple systems, as well as, how lights and cameras are integrated with particle systems.


  • Applying the Particular effect to a layer
  • Fundamentals of the designer
  • Creating an emitter
  • Refining the system
  • Compositing the system in the scene
  • Defining particles per second
  • Exploring emitter types
  • Animating emitter positions
  • Working with direction and velocity
  • Understanding pre-run
  • Choosing particles
  • Adjusting life
  • Drawing parameter adjustments
  • Working with animated particles
  • Using layers as particles
  • Understanding sprites
  • Working with polygons
  • Understanding 3D in AE with Particular
  • Shading with lights
  • Animating with cameras
  • Creating shallow depth of field
  • Emitting particles from OBJs
  • Emitting particles from OBJs
  • Adding systems
  • Inheriting attributes
  • Understanding dynamics
  • Creating bounce interactions
  • Stopping time with Time Factor
  • Emitting particles from particles
  • Emitting particles from layers
  • Working with Streaklets
  • Blending streaks
  • Creating transitions with streaks
  • Working with fire presets
  • Emitting fire from a graphic
  • Adding embers to the system
  • Building the initial system
  • Setting the colors
  • Change motion with physics
  • Defining fluid dynamics
  • Working with fluid force
  • Building fluid systems from scratch
  • Animating a fluid system emitter
  • Building multi-emitter fluid systems


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