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Jun 14-28,


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Adobe Audition provides a comprehensive audio post solution for virtually any type of sound production work – from broadcasting to podcasting. In this class, you will learn to edit audio faster and with greater precision, accelerate restoration processes with accurate noise reduction and sound removal, and perform precise clip spotting with new features for audio alignment, keyframe editing and clip timing.


This class is appropriate for novice to intermediate level users. Bringing samples of the kinds of projects that you’d like to be able to do is helpful but not required. We also recommend that you have the software installed before starting the class. You can purchase the software or obtain a trial version of it from the Adobe web site at




  • Audio interface basics
  • Testing inputs and outputs with Audition
  • Using external interfaces
  • Waveform vs. Multitrack views
  • The Audition Workspace
  • Navigation
  • Opening a file for editing
  • Selecting regions for editing
  • Cutting, deleting, and pasting audio regions
  • Cutting and pasting with multiple clipboards
  • Extending and shortening musical selections
  • Simultaneous mixing and pasting
  • Creating a loop
  • Showing waveform data under the cursor
  • Fading regions to reduce artifacts
  • Using the Effects Rack
    Amplitude and
  • Compression effects
  • Delay and echo effects
  • Filter and EQ effects
  • Modulation and Reverb effects
  • Special effects
  • Stereo imagery effects
  • Time and Pitch effect
  • Third-party effects (VST and AU)
  • Managing presets
  • About audio restoration
  • Reducing hiss and crackles
  • Reducing pops and clicks
  • Reducing broadband noise
  • De-humming a file
  • Removing artifacts and background sounds
  • Using Essential Sounds
  • Mastering basics
  • Apply equalization and dynamics
  • Create ambience
  • Stereo imaging
  • Mastering diagnostics
  • Apply extreme processing to everyday sounds
  • Create special effects
  • Change the environments in which sounds occur
  • Use pitch shifting and filtering to alter sounds
  • Use the Doppler Shifter effect to add motion
  • Recording into the Waveform Editor
  • Recording into the Multitrack Editor
  • Drag-and-dropping into an Audition Editor
  • Importing tracks from an audio CD
  • Saving a template
  • About multitrack production
  • Multitrack and Waveform Editor integration
  • Track controls
  • Channel mapping in the Multitrack Editor
  • Side-chaining effects
  • Creating a DJ-style continuous music mix
  • Mixing or exporting a collection of clips
  • Selecting and merging all clips into a single file
  • Editing for length
  • Clip edits: Split, Trim, Volume
  • Extending a clip via looping
  • About sound libraries
  • Building a rhythm track
  • Adding percussion
  • Adding melodic elements
  • Using loops with different pitch and tempo
  • Adding effects
  • Recording a part in a track
  • Recording an additional part (overdub)
  • “Punching” over a mistake
  • Composite recording
  • Automate volume, pan, and effect changes
  • Use keyframes to edit automation envelopes
  • Use spline curves to smooth envelopes
  • Automate Mixer fader and Pan control moves
  • Create and edit envelopes
  • Protect envelopes from accidental overwriting
  • Remixing
  • Testing your acoustics
  • The mixing process
  • Exporting a stereo mix of the song
  • Burning an audio CD of the song
  • Exporting to SoundCloud
  • Video Soundtracks
  • Synchronize ADR (dubbed) dialogue with original dialogue
  • Edit Premiere Pro audio files in Audition
  • Open Premiere Pro project files in Audition
  • Export multitrack project’s tracks to Premiere

All Classes Taught by Industry Pros


Christine Marsh

With over two decades of experience as a producer, director, editor, animator, marketing consultant, designer, and digital media trainer, Christine is a creative professional who has worked with clients such as Johns Hopkins University, Voice of America, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She has taught a wide range of classes and custom training sessions for colleges, professional development centers, and private clients on topics such as graphic design, web design and development, 508 compliance, marketing, interactive media, video editing, animation, motion graphics, 3D modeling & animation, virtual/augmented reality, pre-production skills, and video production techniques, i.e. cinematography, directing and producing.