Online instructor-led training

Illustrator Advanced

Jun 11-12,

Thursday, Friday

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This advanced course will help you customize your work environment and increase your illustration productivity with great tips and tricks. Projects include advanced selection techniques, perspective grids, using the gradient mesh tool, advanced brush techniques, patterns, and infographics.


This class is appropriate for intermediate level users. Bringing samples of the kinds of projects that you wouldd like to be able to do is helpful but not required. We also recommend that you have the software installed before starting the class. You can purchase the software or obtain a trial version of it from the Adobe web site at




  • Learning to Use a Template Layer
  • Starting Simple for Creative Composition
  • Designing with Guides, Arc, and Pen Tools
  • Organizing with Layers and Sublayers
  • Making and Applying Appearances
  • Apply Effects and Graphic Styles to Resize
  • Working with Threaded Text
  • Using the Eyedropper with Type
  • Using the Appearance Panel with Type
  • The Glyphs Panel
  • Working Efficiently with Multiple Elements
  • Creating Presentations for Artboards
  • Illustrator as a Stand-Alone Layout Tool
  • Applying Brushes to Letterforms
  • The Eraser tools & the Blob Brush
  • Working with Live Paint
  • Using Live Trace
  • Aligning, Joining, and averaging
  • Draw Behind and Draw Inside
  • Compound Shapes & Compound Paths
  • Basic Path Construction with Pathfinders
  • Using Live Paint for Fluid Productivity
  • From Sketch to Blob Brush and Live Paint
  • Using Shape Builder to Construct Objects
  • Using the Pathfinder Panel & Live Paint
  • Building with Multiple Construction Modes
  • Width Tool
  • The Expanded Stroke Panel
  • Brushes
  • Drawing with Naturalistic Pen, Ink & Wash
  • Creating Details with the Pattern Brush
  • Creating and Working with Symbols
  • Painting in Layers with Bristle Brushes
  • Gradient Mesh
  • Live Color
  • Creating Custom Colors & Color Groups
  • Inspiration from the Color Guide Panel
  • Using Kuler, Live Trace, & Live Color
  • Simulating Paper Folds with Gradients
  • Converting Gradients to Mesh and Editing
  • Using Live Color to Replace Blacks
  • Going Monochromatic with Live Color
  • Wraps and Envelopes
  • 3D Effect
  • The Perspective Grid
  • Bending Forms to Create Organic Variations
  • Using 3D Effects to Achieve 2D Results
  • Simulating a One-Point Perspective View
  • Creating Details with Two-Point Perspective
  • Inserting Photographs in Perspective
  • Aligning Planes to an Architectural Sketch
  • Transparency
  • Opacity Masks
  • Clipping Masks
  • Using Masks and Pathfinders for Shapes
  • Type Objects with Transparency & Effects
  • Transparency Masks for Blending Objects
  • Creating and Warping 3D Blends
  • Using Transparency for Glows & Highlights
  • Gradients Add Dimension in Space
  • Linking vs. Embedding in Illustrator
  • Moving Illustrator files to other Programs
  • Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • Illustrator and InDesign
  • Illustrator, PDF, and Adobe Acrobat
  • Illustrator & 3D Programs
  • Web Graphics
  • Creating Animation with Layers
  • Overview of the Illustrator Graph Functions
  • Formatting and Using Data with Illustrator
  • Defining a Design for Columns and Markers
  • Creating Stacking and Sliding Column Art
  • Alternative Chart Styles
  • Hierarchical Data
  • Maps, Icons, and Perspective
  • Planning for Interactivity and Animation

All Classes Taught by Industry Pros


Christine Marsh

With over two decades of experience as a producer, director, editor, animator, marketing consultant, designer, and digital media trainer, Christine is a creative professional who has worked with clients such as Johns Hopkins University, Voice of America, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She has taught a wide range of classes and custom training sessions for colleges, professional development centers, and private clients on topics such as graphic design, web design and development, 508 compliance, marketing, interactive media, video editing, animation, motion graphics, 3D modeling & animation, virtual/augmented reality, pre-production skills, and video production techniques, i.e. cinematography, directing and producing.